Special Exceptions

I have been reading the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and binge watching lecture videos and interviews about Cliff Weitzman who is a CEO of a company called Speechify. Being Dyslexic, one of the values that he learnt is to never give up when you are told โ€œnoโ€.

And one key term that he uses when trying to convince people is โ€œCan you please grant me a special exceptions?โ€. More likely than not, people will listen to you if you use this and if you are friendly. When I heard this, I went โ€œWow that is a smart moveโ€ and went on with my day vowing to use it one day.

That day did in fact come. So hereโ€™s the story

I had bought my first apple laptop using Appleโ€™s student discount a month ago. However Apple decides to start offering free AirPods as part of the Student discount a month after I had gotten my laptop. I started to regret all my life choices and scold myself for being too impatient. Oh if only I had waited a month I could have gotten AirPods.

After regretting all my decisions in life, I decided to search online forums and found that people were able to ask Apple Support to send them free AirPods if it had only been 2 weeks since they got their apple product. But mine had already been a month.

I then recalled what Cliff mentioned in his various talks about asking for special exceptions and Dale Carnegie talking about how to convince people. With a spring in my step, I called Apple Support and talked kindly for a couple of minutes and managed to convince them to send me free AirPods.

Now I am using those AirPods to listen to books on Speechify. Thanks Cliff ๐Ÿ˜

Never underestimate the value of being kind.

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