Think Big by Donald Trump

The main idea that Donald J Trump shares in this book is to be confident and to not be scared even if you are sure that you are going to fail.

Also when you are thinking, you might as well think big.


Here are the highlights that I got from this book. I listened to the audiobook so they are not directly quoted from the book and might be paraphrased to make it easier to understand the main point the writer is trying to make.

  • Don’t do it for the money - Think of what services you can provide to help people. What needs can you fulfill. What is fun.

  • Money is one way that represents that you won in life

  • Have a bigger mission. Do everything with Passion.

  • Be a doer not a dreamer

  • Idea people - but they never do anything. You need heart to make the air light idea into concrete things.


  • You need to handle pressure.

  • Problems that seem bad, do not really matter in the grand scheme of things

  • Just don’t think about anything other than what you have to get done. (In reference to talking to a large crowd of people)

  • Learn from others mistake

  • Never give up. This is just an obstacle. Dont get in to distraction or events.

  • Start right away. doing will teach you more than learning.

  • The happiest people do what they love not aim for financial motives.

  • Do what you love and the money will come.

  • Importance of instincts. importance of gut feeling. Refering to Trump joining the show The Apprentice.

  • Luck. You make your own luck.

  • You can create more luck for yourself by working very hard. Think big.

  • When you are angry, use that steam to do things.

  • Loyal people are better than people who are complaining about others.

  • Focus

  • If you are thinking. might as well think big

  • Ignorance of TV industry made him succeed in the Apprentice

  • Confidence is key. Even when trump was bankrupt he appeared confident and made deals

  • Be open minded and adjust